It has Been Awhile

First and foremost I’m sorry I have not been on here in a while! I will make it a priority to create posts more frequently on here than in the past, and make it a better experience for all!


Motivation in Fitness

Fitness is amazing to get into, but what most people don’t know is that you have to have a lot of motivation to do it. Being in fitness is an “I” sport in most cases. It doesn’t have to be, but most people go to the gym by themselves to better themselves.

Fitness can be very rewarding if you are motivated for it. You have to stay positive in order to be successful within the fitness community. If you can do this you are going to be set in fitness.

Protein Shakes are the Best

Protein shakes are an important part of any workout. Some protein mixes are better than others. I have really never had any issue with protein powder. What I love most about the protein shakes is that I can put everything in one bottle, so I don’t have to have 3 different bottles for 3 different supplements.

What protein powder do you use and do you mix it with anything else?

Motivation Saturday

We all know the saying “do what makes you happy”. This is a great saying for anyone who is not happy with how their life is or what direction they are going in life.

We should also go through and think about “do what makes you better”. This is important because you should do what makes you better, with challenging yourself, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life! Just make sure it challenges you and makes you better by the end of it.

Keep going after what makes you happy, and don’t forget to also do things that make you better!